8 Basic Tips for Adjusting to a Senior Living Community


It is a big change of life; moving to a senior living community. By now, the majority of we seniors have come to terms with the fact that life is all about change. When one door has closed at another door has opened for you, senior lifestyle news has 8 basic tips for adjusting to a senior living community.

Outlook: The Glass

Perhaps the best advice that senior lifestyle news can give is to optimize your outlook. Moving from your home and leaving behind all your comforts and comforting thoughts can be extraordinarily difficult. Keep in mind, that you are not going to prison or a sanitarium; you are going to a new life and new opportunities. If you adopt the idea that the glass is half full instead of half empty, then you have won half the battle of taking the first step towards a new life in a senior living community.

Look Back But Face Forward

Putting the best foot forward not only entails putting forth the best outlook possible, it also means to consider what you are leaving behind rather than denying the past. It is perfectly normal and even expected to have some feelings of emptiness and loss when making the transition to a senior living community, so embrace those feelings and accept them for what they are; you’re true feelings. After a while, you may find a way to arrange your memories in your mind and heart and even on the bookshelf in your new abode. You can walk backwards, but not for long; face forward, for your future is unfolding now.

Be Patient, Not a Patient

Keep in mind that a senior living community is not a hospital and you are not a patient. You are a resident and you will discover that you are also a valuable member of the community. Have patience not only with new things and new people but especially with yourself.

Own the Space

One of our favorite tips for adjusting to a senior living community is to embrace change and own the space. You are completely free to make the most out of your living space as possible, so go ahead and individualize your living area. Not only that, once you get acquainted with the environment, get comfortable with it by owning that too; it’s your ‘hood and you are a member of the gang.

In with the Old and In with the New

Be sure to keep your old and familiar relationships as you start your new life. Keep up with your friends and invite them over for tea. Don’t forget that new friendships are waiting to be made at your new location. In fact, have your old friends meet your new friends.

Be a Rolling Stone

The old adage: A rolling stone gathers no moss, it’s so true. If you haven’t been active before, get active now. The good thing about being active in a senior living community, is that there are people just like you looking for a partner to share exercise activities.

Be a Social Butterfly

While most people don’t consider senior living communities to be party palaces, one of the best benefits of living in such an environment is the rich and varied social life.

Sing with the Staff

As you are finding your way around your new home in a senior living community, don’t be reluctant to tap into the wealth of companionship that is all around you within the staff members. Don’t be afraid to join in on the sing-along standing next to a staff member, who will most likely introduce you to others.