Beach Safety Tips

Senior couple walking on the beach together

There’s nothing like a day at the beach. However, even the best day can go sour if you aren’t prepared for it. Read on for some beach safety tips that will keep you having fun in the sun.

Beach Safety Tips

If you retired in Florida, you probably made that decision based on proximity to the beach. In fact, you may think you already know everything there is to know about spending a day by the water. But whether you’re new to oceanfront living or a seasoned veteran of the surf, everyone can benefit from learning some new beach safety tips.

Plan for Safety

If you want to have a great day at the beach, you can give yourself a head start by making sure you’re prepared for the trip. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go overboard. There are just a few simple things you’ll want to do before you head out:

  • Use a packing list. You’ll want to make sure to bring cold water, healthy snacks, any medication you need during the day, and adequate sun protection. You should also bring comfort items, like a good beach chair and an umbrella. Being able to rest and stay hydrated is key to staying comfortable at the beach.
  • Plan your visit for a weekday afternoon if possible. This is when the beach will be the least crowded, which makes it easier to navigate and less stressful.
  • If you use a mobility aid, such as a walker or wheelchair, familiarize yourself with the accommodations at the beach before you visit. For example, a quick search for accommodations at Jacksonville Beach provides a list of wheelchair-accessible ramps and parking.

Safe in the Sun

While there are multiple health benefits to spending time outdoors, there are some things a senior should watch out for. One is too much sun exposure, which can lead to sunburns, dehydration, and other more serious health issues. Here’s how to avoid it:

  • Be sure to wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Sunscreen can lose its effectiveness if you sweat too much or go swimming, so be prepared to re-apply every two hours.
  • Bring other protective clothing items, such as a good sunhat and a loose long-sleeved shirt. The best clothing for sun exposure will have an SPF rating on the label.
  • Seniors can be more vulnerable to heat-related illness, so you should know the signs and be ready to act. Be sure to immediately seek medical attention if a senior becomes confused, dizzy, or experiences a sustained unexpected spike in blood pressure. These can be signs of heat stroke.

Swimming Safely

Some people go to the beach just to enjoy the scenery, but many of us can’t wait to hit the waves. If you’re a senior who loves to swim, here’s how to enjoy the water safely:

  • While the ocean is beautiful, it can be unpredictable. Waves and riptides can knock anyone off their feet without notice. If you haven’t swam in a while, take some time to practice in a private pool or other contained body of water first.
  • Water shoes may not be the coolest footwear in the world, but they’ll reduce your risk of falls and foot injuries in the water. Adaptable water shoes are a great fit for those with mobility issues.
  • While overheating is a concern, keep in mind that ocean temperatures can be much cooler than the daily forecast. Limit swims to short amounts of time so you don’t get too cold, and be sure to spend time recovering in the sun.


We hope these beach safety tips will make your next trip to the ocean a blast. And if you’re looking for a place to retire that’s only a mile from the best beach in Florida, we hope you’ll check out the Beach House.

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