Finding the Perfect Pet for Seniors


Living on your own can be a great source of self-confidence and pride for seniors, but it can also cause feelings of loneliness and anxiety if you have too much time alone. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your independence or pack your schedule to avoid these feelings, as having a pet can bring a sense of warmth and comfort into any senior’s home.

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, and the beauty of that is that there is no age limit for who can own one! Dogs are incredibly empathetic beings that can read our moods very well; playing with us when we are happy, consoling us when we are sad, and protecting us when we feel scared.

If you’re hoping to stay active, a dog that requires walks to the park may be the perfect companion for your lifestyle!

Cats are a great option for seniors because while they can be as friendly as dogs, they also clean themselves and make less noise, leading to fewer issues with neighbors and staff. Cats provide the same level of cuddles and appreciation as their canine friends but have the added benefit of needing very little physical activity.

If you’re someone who enjoys sitting outside on a warm summer day, it might be time to adopt a feline friend!

Whether you’re looking for a colorful parrot with loads of character or a tiny budgie who can fit in the palm of your hand, birds can be the perfect companion for seniors in a care home.

Having a songbird in your suite can provide you with a friendly presence who can sit on your shoulder and beautiful music that can help liven up your whole block. Be sure to always check with your fellow tenants and staff before committing to one.

Rabbits are an excellent pet because their cages and homes can take up very little space in your unit. They may be small and quiet, but that doesn’t mean rabbits are boring. Some rabbits may prefer very little attention and stick to their cages or they may enjoy hopping around your apartment and cuddling up with you in your favorite chair.

Of all the pets listed in this guide for seniors, fish are by far the most varied and the easiest to maintain. Fish need only be fed once or twice a day, making them perfect for the senior who is involved in many activities. The tank filters can clean up all of their droppings and purify their water with little work on your end.

Fish tanks also help you get creative with your pet’s habitat, allowing you to set the stage for either sunken pirate ships or distant planets.

Pets are a source of joy for their owners, and seniors definitely don’t have to miss out on the fun. In fact, there are many benefits of pets for seniors. Our care homes provide plenty of support for seniors with pets, so give our staff a call today at (904) 829 6479 or visit us to find out how you and your furry friend can be a part of our family.