How to Move a Parent with Dementia to Memory Care

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Realizing that it’s time for a parent to enter a memory care community is never easy. However, if your parent has a condition like dementia, memory care will provide the support and relief you’re looking for. Learn how to move a parent with dementia into memory care, and you’ll be able to help them access the care they need.

How to Move a Parent with Dementia to Memory Care

Do you have a parent that is beginning to show signs of dementia? If so, you may be considering your options. While you may be able to care for your loved one in the initial stages, it’s important to remember that dementia is a progressive disease. As it changes and becomes more significant in your parent’s life, they may need care you can’t easily provide. For many families, memory care communities offer a community of vital support for their loved ones with dementia. Making a plan for how to move a parent with dementia into a memory care community can feel daunting, but it’s often the best way to ensure they get the care they need. How can you move your parent into memory care in a smart and compassionate way?

Learn More About Your Parent’s Current Condition

Because dementia is a condition that varies from senior to senior and also worsens with time, understanding their current situation and prognosis is crucial in determining what kind of help will benefit them most. Talk to their doctor about the stage of dementia your parent has reached and their current prognosis. A doctor can help you understand what you can expect in the future and what kinds of care will be most beneficial.

Start the Conversation Now

Yes, it’s an awkward conversation with a parent, but you’ll be better off if you start discussing the transition sooner rather than later. The earlier in their diagnosis you can make a plan for memory care, the easier the change will be, and the easier it will be for them to participate. So please discuss what you’re considering with them as soon as possible, and encourage them to participate in the process as actively as they are able.

Focus on a Smooth Transition

Once you’ve selected a community, it’s time to plan the move. It can be a difficult situation, but you’ll have the best outcome if you focus on making things as easy for your parent as possible:

  • Try to schedule moving activities during times of the day when your parent is more focused and energetic. Afternoons and early evenings can be challenging for those with dementia, so try to do the majority of activities in the morning.
  • Bring your parent to visit the community once or twice before they move in, so they’ll have some familiarity before they arrive. Introduce them to staff and other residents, and show them some exciting amenities that will make living there fun!
  • Help your parent choose some special, sentimental items that can come with them no matter what. Photo albums, favorite comfortable pieces of clothing, and other things that establish a sense of familiarity will make the transition easier.


If you have a loved one with dementia, memory care is here to help. Contact Beach House for more information today.

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