Major Benefits of Maintaining Independence for Senior Citizens


Young or old, every one of us needs help at some point in our lives, and that can be from a parent, friend, or caregiver. However, an individual’s personal freedom isn’t just one of the cornerstones of this country, it is also a state of being that provides many physical and mental benefits.

Here are the 3 major benefits for seniors who maintain their independence.

Maintains Self-Esteem

Independence is a value that is integral to many of us and, like it or not, our level of decision-making can affect how we view ourselves.

If a person begins to believe they are relying on family members or caregivers just to survive, this can lower their self-esteem and they can begin to feel isolated from the people around them.

Low self-esteem levels have been routinely linked to mental illness, which more than 20% of seniors are believed to struggle with.

Supporting your family member’s independence won’t just lead to a greater quality of life for them, it will also maintain their self-esteem and help prevent harmful mental illnesses.

Promotes Physical Activity

Living on our own doesn’t just mean having the freedom to do what we like, but it also brings about plenty of responsibilities to keep ourselves healthy and safe.

The relationship between physical activity and a person’s sense of independence is an interesting one: the more independent a person feels, the more likely they are to take control of their health and increase their physical activity, leading to improved self-esteem and growing joy in their independence.

Seniors who are living on their own can engage in fitness activities designed to promote strength and stability. These skills will help prevent loss of balance and falls, which are some of the leading causes of hospital visits among seniors.

By allowing senior citizens a greater sense of independence, they will begin to view their health and fitness as their personal responsibility and will do what they can to be more active.

Strengthens Brain Health

Memory and brainpower vary over the course of our lives, but did you know that independent living can help promote and strengthen these abilities? It’s true!

Being independent requires a person to consider their daily activities and routines more thoroughly than if they were in a care home, as they are the only ones who know what needs to be done. This turns basic tasks like laundry and cooking into opportunities to keep a person’s mind and abilities sharp.

A senior who engages their mind and their body can experience increased blood and oxygen flow to their brains, which will strengthen their cells for future activity.

A person’s right to live the lifestyle they choose is one of the most important pillars in our society, and Beach House Senior Living firmly believes in this idea and wants to do everything possible to support senior independence. If you or a loved one are looking for a facility that can provide as much personal freedom as possible, give our staff a call today at (904) 829 6479 or visit us and see our different lifestyles and communities.