Beach Photography Tips for Seniors

Senior man taking photo of senior woman on the beach

Since we’re located less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean, our residents enjoy frequent trips to the beach. Who doesn’t enjoy a day of sand, surf, and sunshine on the Floridian coast? Inspired by the beautiful scenery, you might wish to bring your camera along for the fun. However, getting a decent photo on the beach can be tricky. Whether you’re using a digital camera or your smartphone, check out our beach photography tips below. These tips and tricks are geared toward beginners hoping to upgrade their photo-taking skills.

Beach Photography Tips

Shoot for Golden Hour

One of the most important lessons you can learn in photography is that lighting makes an enormous difference. During the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky, the lighting is harsh and can lead to blown-out highlights and poor exposure. Instead, shoot for shortly after sunrise or sunset – also known as the “golden hour” or “magic hour.” The light is warmer and softer at this time of day, which can make for more consistently beautiful photographs.

Look for Details and Textures

There’s so much to explore at the beach, so take advantage of it! Instead of taking the same simple sunset picture that you’ve taken a thousand times before, look for interesting details and textures. For example, you might want to highlight the texture of the sand, a line of footprints, colorful umbrellas, ridged seashells, or even reflections on the wet sand.

Make Sure the Horizon Is Straight

This is so important and yet so easy to forget! When you’re shooting out toward the sea, take a look at the horizon line and make sure that it’s straight. An askew horizon stands out like a sore thumb, throwing everything off kilter. So before you take your shot, simply check the horizon line. Some cameras and photos have features that make it easy to take a perfectly level photo.

Play Around with the Composition

Have fun with it! Too often, we get stuck in a rut when it comes to photography. One of the best ways to shake things up is to play around with the composition of your photos. Instead of centering the subject in the frame, many photographers find that the rule of thirds is most visually interesting. With this rule, you position your subject to the left or right, leaving the other 2/3 of the photograph more open. Try it, and see what you think!

Look for a Focal Point.

How many photos do you have of sand, sea, and sky? Inject some extra oomph into your photographs by establishing a focal point. This could be a path leading down to the beach, a line of footprints in the sand, a curving palm tree, swaying sea grass, rocks, wildlife, chairs, umbrellas, or even patterns in the water. What draws your attention?

Wait for Clouds

If you do want to photograph the ocean, consider waiting for some clouds to show up. Bright, beautiful days are lovely, but they don’t always make for the most interesting photographs. Especially if you’re only photographing the sky and water, a plain blue sky is a lot of negative space and it can be overwhelming in a beach photo. Clouds add a lot of visual interest.


Whether you’re visiting the beach to sit on the sand, walk through the waves, search for seashells, or watch passersby, why not bring your camera along? You can put these beach photography tips to good use, and capture all your fun memories to cherish and share with family and friends.

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