Fall Prevention Strategies

Senior woman legs and feet on carpet, having fallen

If you’re a senior, odds are good that you already know the threat an unexpected fall can pose to your body. Seniors need to be proactive about avoiding injuries, so learning to prevent falls is crucial to protecting your physical health. Do you know how to use fall prevention strategies to stay on your feet?

The Basics of Senior Fall Prevention

It’s an unfortunate fact that falls are one of the leading causes of severe injuries for seniors, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live in fear. If you aren’t sure how to protect yourself, the fall prevention experts at the Mayo Clinic have some recommendations that can help.

Talk to Your Doctor First

Because avoiding serious falls is a health and safety issue for seniors, talking to your doctor is a smart way to start thinking about fall prevention. Ask your doctor about the fall risks posed by your current health conditions. You can also ask about the side effects of any medications or medical treatments you are currently receiving. If you have a history of falls or other accidents related to balance, be sure to share that. Your doctor can help you identify specific health-based risks and areas to focus on for immediate improvement.

Address Your Environment

Did you know that the majority of falls that injure seniors happen to them in their own homes? As you age, it’s essential to ensure your home is a safe environment that will not expose you to undue fall risk. Focusing on removing clutter and improving visibility is critical:

  • Try to maintain a tidy home. Clean up spills and messes right away, and put items away when you’re done using them. The more organized you are, the easier it is to avoid clutter.
  • Be thoughtful about the fall risk posed by your home layout. Be sure rugs are anchored to the floor and that small pieces of furniture are not blocking your walking path. Use grip mats and non-slip equipment in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Keep your home as well-lit as possible. Consider placing nightlights in spaces you use at night, like your bathroom and bedroom. Clear paths to light switches, and turn on the lights before moving around your space. If you’d benefit from automatic lights throughout your home, bright LED nightlights with motion sensors can be an excellent solution.
  • Consider making fall prevention equipment readily available in critical areas of your home. Safety items like grab bars in the shower or even non-slip socks on a linoleum floor can make a big difference!

Find Your Balance and Keep Moving

One of the most critical fall prevention strategies for seniors is working on balance and coordination. Staying physically active is key. Taking steps to improve your balance and move with confidence can help you avoid falls and other injuries:

  • If you’re concerned about your balance, consider trying a new exercise regimen like yoga or tai chi. Exercises focusing on balance and slow, intentional movement will help you improve your strength and coordination.
  • Wear comfortable and supportive shoes, especially when you’re being physically active. The right shoes can prevent falls and also help you avoid other issues like joint pain.
  • If staying active while aging in place is a struggle, consider how an assisted living community could help.


We hope these fall prevention strategies will help you stay in good health. If you want to live in a community where senior health is always a priority, visit us at the Beach House.

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