How Seniors Can Benefit from Technology

How Seniors Can Benefit from Technology

Technology has made a profound impact on our everyday lives. It has allowed ease of access to information, the ability to stay in touch with family and friends, and enhanced communication with the world. Despite how useful technology can be, many seniors steer away from it as they aren’t sure how to use it. In fact, studies have shown that 40 percent of seniors don’t use the internet. The use of technology and improved communication has been shown to lead to better self-rated health, fewer chronic conditions, higher well-being, and lower depression.

Access to Information

Technology has provided seniors with more ease as they navigate through their daily lives. For instance, they can use the internet to search anything and find resources instantly. According to search engines like Google and Ipsos, search engines are the primary method that mature consumers use to gather their information. Roughly three-quarters of internet users ages 65 and up use the internet daily, and 82 percent use search engines.

Improved Communication

Advances in technology also allow seniors to be able to connect with family and friends wherever they are. Video chatting through Skype or Facetime is ideal for real-time interaction. Social media is a platform to communicate, read articles, follow brands, and to share posts about what’s happening in your life. Believe it or not, 69 percent of seniors 65+ have or use social media accounts. Internet-based communication channels can help supplement an older individual’s social interactions when visits are infrequent. It allows them to feel connected with their loved ones and will decrease feelings of loneliness.

Convenient Services

Many seniors fear the changes that technology brings; however, most older individuals also demonstrate a willingness to learn. A smartphone with a GPS app allows anyone to input their destination and provides step by step directions on how to get there. This is ideal for individuals that may no longer remember the ideal route to their chosen destinations. If they’re unable to drive, they can also take advantage of transportation services. 73 percent of rideshare users feel that services like Uber are good options for older individuals with limited mobility. There are also food delivery services including UberEats, PostMates, and GrubHub, which make it easy for seniors to quickly order food when they can’t or would prefer not to make a meal themselves.

Enhanced Brain Activity

Technology has proven to have many benefits for seniors when it comes to brain activity. There are plenty of apps that can improve everyone’s cognitive functioning, including the elderly. It’s also said that video or mobile games can stimulate the memory and can help fight memory loss. Whoever said stimulating brain function, increasing cognitive abilities, and improving memory had to be boring?