How to Combat Depression When Moving into a Seniors Home


Whether it’s due to an illness, unsafe environments, or needing a little bit of help getting through the day, there comes a time when many of us make the decision to enter a personal care home. While these communities provide great opportunities and health supports, they also require a major life change and the decision is bound to cause anxiety in those making the move.

Whether you’re entering a care home or want to help a loved one who is, here are 5 major ways you can alleviate those feelings of anxiety or depression.

Take an Active Role in Choosing the Care Home

If your loved ones begin discussing the subject of assisted living communities with you, be sure to clearly and carefully convey your thoughts and feelings so that everyone knows where you stand.

Also, if your loved one begins proposing specific care homes, go with them to see it for yourself and know that whatever place you end up moving to, you are the one who made the decision.

Decorate Your New Space

Different homes have different suite sizes and styles that can fit your every need, and once you’re inside, you can decorate and organize your space however you like!

Bring in your favorite couch or dining room set, or hang up photos of all your friends. Whatever it is that you enjoy seeing the most, we want to help you grow comfortable in a space that isn’t just a suite, but a home.

Set Regular Dates with Family and Friends

One of the great sources of anxiety surrounding a move to a senior home is that a person will become isolated from their family and friends. This could not be further from the truth.

Setting specific times in the week for your grandchildren to come over and play or for your friends to catch up over a game of cards can make your days more enjoyable. Remember, a change of scenery doesn’t mean the end of your social life.

Enjoy the Benefits

When they imagine what their care home will be like, many seniors imagine cold, clinical spaces with next to no opportunities for fun, but we’d like to paint a different picture for you.

Many care homes contain wonderful amenities for their guests and residents to enjoy, with some of the best including beauty salons, wellness classes, and bistro-style dining services that will have you coming back for seconds.

Speak to a Professional in the Care Home

Making a move like this is a major step and it’s totally understandable to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Depression and anxiety are serious issues that can’t be addressed in one afternoon with the grandkids or a game of bowling with your friends.

Seek out a mental health professional or staff member at the care home that you can talk to about your feelings. They’ve certainly heard your feelings before and can help you come to terms with them. You may just make a wonderful new friend who can understand you in ways others can’t.

Making the move to assisted living in a care home can provide you with plenty of new opportunities for fun and laughter, but we also understand this is a major shift in your life and can cause some feelings of dread. If you are looking to lessen these feelings, give our staff a call today (904) 829 6479 or visit us and see the exciting opportunities that await you at our many unique care home communities.