Is Senior Living with Memory Care Right for You?

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Senior living with memory care is one of the fastest-expanding types of senior living communities in the United States. There’s a reason so many seniors are turning to memory care in their golden years. Should you be one of them?

Is Senior Living with Memory Care Right for You?

If you’ve been looking into senior living community options for yourself or a loved one, you’ve probably noticed that many communities are beginning to offer memory care to residents. You may wonder if a memory care community is an ideal place for you, especially if your age-related memory issues concern you. How do you know if senior living with memory care is right for you?

Why Do Seniors Move into Memory Care Communities?

When seniors move into senior living communities, they typically do so because they have needs that would be difficult to meet if they continued to live independently. For example, they may need help attending to daily tasks like cooking or cleaning or assistance with managing a specific long-term medical condition like diabetes. No matter what a resident’s particular issues are, an excellent senior living community will help connect seniors to resources that meet their needs while encouraging a sense of individualism and independence.

Memory care communities function similarly. However, they place a special focus on helping seniors struggling with age-related memory issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s. For a memory care resident, resources like specially-designed living spaces and engaging memory therapy activities are also included in a resident’s care plan. The combination of general support and specific memory-related care can help seniors with age-related memory issues maintain an excellent quality of life. If you’d benefit from assisted living and need additional memory-related support as well, memory care could be a great fit for you.

Should I Consider Moving into a Memory Care Community?

How can you be sure you need the advanced level of care provided in a memory care community? Senior living experts recommend considering the following criteria when trying to determine if memory care is an appropriate intervention for you:

  • Do you have a progressive age-related memory issue, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s? If so, memory care can benefit you because it offers individualized care at different levels for different residents. Entering memory care in the early stages of the condition can help you get the support you need to adjust and thrive, and ensure you’ll continue to have access to it as things progress.
  • Have loved ones expressed concerns about your safety as you continue to live independently? If daily tasks such as taking medication or keeping up with house chores are starting to be affected by memory issues, that’s a sign that you might benefit from memory care.
  • Do you need help that your current caregivers cannot provide? Caring for someone with an age-related memory issue can be complex and lead to unforeseen complications. Memory care facilities have the expertise and resources to handle those complications.


Is senior living with memory care the right option for you? If you still aren’t sure, give us a call or make a plan to visit our community in Jacksonville. We look forward to meeting you!

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