Best Beach Chairs for Seniors

Smiling senior man with arms behind head at beach

You’ve done it: You’ve finally landed in a gorgeous beachside community to enjoy the relaxing, sun-soaked retirement of your dreams. As you gear up for your first official beach day, you take stock of the essentials. You’ve got plenty of sunscreen, a comfortable bathing suit, and a stylish pair of shades – but, wait! What about your beach chair? As we get older, regular dollar store beach chairs might not offer enough support or comfort. Don’t let a less-than-stellar beach chair keep you from enjoying the sun and sand. Read on to browse our picks for the best beach chairs for seniors.

Best Beach Chairs for Seniors

Beach Chairs with Sun Protection

For some seniors, sunscreen may not offer enough sun protection during a long day at the beach. To protect your skin from even the harshest rays, try a chair with a built-in canopy. For example, the ALPHA CAMP Canopy Lounger offers protection from the sun as well as a flexible mesh back with lots of airflow to keep you cool.

Reclining Beach Chairs

Are you looking to kick back, relax, and maybe even enjoy a nice nap on the beach? A reclining beach chair could be just the thing you need. Check out the PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounger, a great choice for individuals who are 6’2″ and below in height. This chair’s unique bungee system has an easy-to-handle angle lock that gives you total control over the reclining angle. It also has a built-in bungee system to help take pressure off your back as you relax. Finally, the chair is made of padded material and comes complete with comfortable armrests and an adjustable pillow. You’ll be dozing off in no time.

Chairs with Lumbar Support

Lumbar support keeps your lower back pain-free. Without it, you can experience pain and stiffness – and nothing puts an end to a fun beach day like pain and stiffness. With that in mind, reach for a beach chair with built-in lumbar support like the classic ALPHA CAMP chair. This classic chair weighs in at just 13 pounds, meaning that you’ll be able to throw it over your shoulder and comfortably tote it down the beach. It also has handy side pockets, a comfortable padded seat area, and cooling cup holders for drinks.

Chairs for Knee and Joint Pain

We all deal with aches and pains from time to time. If you’d like to focus on relieving knee and joint pain, the classic Rio Beach chair is a great choice for you. It’s another lightweight option, weighing in at only 10 pounds – but what sets this chair apart is its height. It’s 17 inches off the ground and offers sturdy, supportive arms, as well as a reclining option. The chair’s height, combined with the longer seat, means you’ll enjoy additional hip and knee support. The Rio Beach chair also has a built-in cooler so you can keep cool drinks close at hand.


The best beach chairs for seniors offer exceptional support, built-in sun protection, and fun extras like built-in coolers and cup holders. All of the chairs listed above are fantastic options if you’re planning a beach day – and, given our convenient location just a short walk from Jacksonville Beach, you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of those days in your future.

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