Exploring Memory Care in Florida

Two seniors sitting on deck chairs on beach, looking out at water

Do you dream of retiring to the Sunshine State as a senior? Don’t let age-related memory issues derail your plans. Florida is ranked the eighth-best place in the United States for community-based senior living, and one of the things that makes the Sunshine State a great home for every senior is the accessibility of memory care. Spend some time exploring memory care in Florida, and you’ll see why it’s an excellent home for anybody in their golden years.

Why Do Seniors Move to Florida for Memory Care?

Memory Care Is Widely Available in Florida

For seniors with age-related memory issues, a memory care community can provide a vital lifeline to the services they need to stay independent and learn how to navigate their golden years alongside their condition. Assisted living communities in Florida are known for catering to seniors with a wide array of attractive and competitive amenities, including memory care. As memory care grows in popularity, it has become a more common care offering at senior care communities in Florida, with over 75 percent of assisted living communities offering it to their residents. If you need it, you’ll be able to find it.

Memory Care Is More Affordable in Florida

An understandable concern that seniors have about memory care is managing the cost. What if you have your heart set on retirement on a sandy beach but realize you might need to include memory care in your housing budget? If you’re planning to retire in Florida, you can rest easy. Seniors who move to Florida routinely spend less on assisted living there than in other states. The average cost of assisted living with memory care in Florida is even cheaper than the national average cost for assisted living care without it.

Memory Care in Florida Can Help You Make the Most of Your Golden Years

Of course, not every memory care community is made equal. That’s why it’s essential to do your research and find the right place for yourself or your loved one to thrive. Luckily, memory care communities like the one at Beach House prioritize excellent care and a unique Florida experience for every resident. Beach House uses the Touch of Grace memory care model, where seniors get a personalized care plan to meet all their daily needs. Community members can also enjoy the beautiful Florida weather in specially curated outdoor spaces designed with their safety in mind or take a supervised field trip to the shops in town or nearby Jax Beach. With a calendar of daily activities and a new community full of friends to enjoy them with, seniors in memory care at Beach House get all the support they need to enjoy their golden years in Florida to the fullest.


Now that you’ve started exploring memory care in Florida, why not take a field trip to Beach House? We’ll show you why so many seniors love calling our memory care community home.

Music, gardening, crafts, friendship, and the things that matter most to you are priorities at Beach House Assisted Living & Memory Care. If you hope to retire in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, the Beach House Assisted Living & Memory Care could be the ideal place. Our friendly and compassionate staff members offer individualized care 24/7, ensuring all residents’ safety, security, and happiness. The Beach House provides assisted living, memory care, and respite care. Most importantly, we tailor these services to suit each resident’s unique needs. To learn more about our amenities or schedule a tour, please get in touch with us online or call us at 904-615-8076. We look forward to hearing from you!