How to Tell If an Assisted Living Community Is Right for You


Visiting a senior’s home can be just like touring an open house. You’re trying to imagine how you or your loved one could fit in, grow in, and most of all enjoy the space. However, while many of these homes provide a wide variety of supports and services for their clients, prospective guests should take a deeper look and find out if the assisted living facility is right for them.

Here are 5 major factors you should consider when searching for an assisted living community.

It’s Close to Your Community

You’ve spent years building your circle of family and friends, and have created many wonderful experiences with them, so the absolute last thing you need when looking for care homes is to move to a community that is far away from the ones you love.

If you’re living in a large city, chances are there are many care homes that are close to your friends and family so you can continue to make those memories..

It Has the Care You Need

Senior homes are, at their very roots, medical facilities to provide the very best in pharmaceutical and therapeutic care that clients cannot give themselves, so the quality of the care you will receive should always be top of mind.

Whether your medical needs include physical therapy or a variety of medications, make sure that your community has a competent staff who will help you stay healthy and calm when managing your well-being.

It Has Regular Quality Food Services

Whether you’re the family baker, a foodie who enjoys new cuisines, or just someone who doesn’t like feeling hungry, you should make sure that your seniors’ home has a world-class dining service that will have you smiling every time you see your plate.

Many high-quality communities offer all-day dining services for guests to enjoy, meaning you don’t have to worry about wrapping your schedule around meal times and missing out on your favorite activities.

It Has Engaging Activities

One of the best things about assisted living communities is the wide variety of amenities, programs, and classes that are available to you. Whether you’re looking for a trip to the salon with your friends, staying fit with yoga classes, or enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, you should search for a home that keeps you engaged and having fun.

It isn’t just about the fun you’ll have with the activities, though, because these classes will also introduce you to all of your fellow guests and help you forge lasting bonds with seniors who understand the struggles you may face.

The Residents Are Happy and Fulfilled

Because we are social animals by nature, people tend to feel the same emotions as those around them, good or bad. If the other residents at the care home seem to be lonely or lack motivation, then no matter how optimistic a person you are, chances are that you will take on these feelings and find yourself feeling miserable during your stay.

When choosing a care home that is right for you, be sure to talk with the residents and get a feel for the mood. A brighter, happier community not only means the amenities are great, but that you will feel positive most days of your stay.

Taking a trip with your loved ones to explore care homes can be quite exciting, but you should always know beforehand what it is you are looking for and how the community can meet your expectations. Give our staff a call today at (904) 829 6479 or visit us and see what makes our top-of-the-line spaces the perfect home for you.