Unusual Hobbies for Seniors

Porcelain cup repaired using kintsugi technique
When you read articles about hobbies for seniors, they’re often filled with the usual suspects. There’s nothing wrong with activities like knitting, birdwatching, and doing crossword puzzles. However, they’re not for everyone. If you need something a little different, you might want to try some unusual hobbies for seniors.

Unusual Hobbies for Seniors

Life would be boring if everyone did the same thing. Whether you’ve already tried the normal senior pastimes or simply aren’t interested in them, there are plenty of unusual hobbies for seniors to explore.


Some people throw out broken pottery. Artists familiar with kintsugi seize the opportunity. This ancient Japanese art form mends ceramics with gold. It turns what some might see as scars or flaws into works of art. If you’re interested in trying your hand at kintsugi, you can purchase a kintsugi repair kit online.


You may be a gardener who wants to take their activities up a notch. Or, you may be an artist who wants to try a new medium. Whatever angle you’re coming from, topiary work can present a real challenge. You have to coax a living plant into the shape that you desire. Then, you have to maintain both the shape and the plant’s health.


If you enjoy working with people, passing along your skills can be a fantastic way to spend your time and positively impact other people’s lives. There are tutoring programs for people of all ages, and many programs are happy to offer training. Some programs for people working on learning a second language simply want native speakers to talk with their students — in that case, tutoring might be just having a friendly conversation. It can be done in person or online, so there’s a great deal of flexibility.

Candle Carving

Anyone can burn a candle, but it takes an unusual soul to carve one. A German tradition had artisans dipping candles until layers of color were achieved. Then, the wax was carved and positioned to create intricate and intriguing shapes and patterns that were almost too fascinating to set alight. Now, curious crafters are sharing videos online, so anyone interested in trying their hand at candle carving can easily find the information they need to get started.

Kite Flying

Taking a kite on the beach can be a blast. You’re outside in the sun and fresh air having fun. It’s especially enjoyable if you spend your time mastering tricks and stunts with a two-handled kite like this one.

Drone Flying

If you’re interested in things that fly but you prefer something higher tech than a kite, then you might want to look into drones. Advances in technology have made these machines increasingly affordable and available. There are some incredibly user-friendly models with interesting features waiting to be discovered. However, you’ll want to check the rules and regulations regarding drone use in your area to avoid running into any legal trouble. This is especially true if you are located near an airport, hospital, military facility, or other sensitive locations.


What can you create from nothing more than a piece of paper? If you learn origami, you’ll have plenty of potential answers. With this hobby, you learn to fold paper to create two- and three-dimensional objects. With so many websites and books eager to show you how, learning is easy. Several museums have featured origami in their exhibits, so you may even find inspiration there!


Over the years, the list of folks who make archery seem amazing keeps growing. Whether you’re a fan of Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye, Legolas, Merida, Artemis, or some other archer, the urge to pick up a bow is understandable. Archery improves focus and eye-hand coordination. Pulling the bow can help build muscle, and walking to retrieve your arrows from your target also counts as exercise.


Reaching your sunset years doesn’t mean that you have to adopt the expected senior hobbies. As an individual, you’re still entitled to explore your own interests. Engaging in an unusual hobby can be a great way to stay active and excited about life.

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