Checklist for Moving into Assisted Living

Smiling senior couple having coffee on bench outside
Moving into assisted living is one of the most significant transitions a senior can experience. There’s a lot to keep track of, so don’t miss out on tools that can make it easier. This checklist for moving into assisted living can help you stay organized and prepare for the work ahead. Steps for Moving into a Senior Living Community If you aren’t prepared, moving is one of the most stressful ...
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Florida Wildlife 101

great egret bird in flight
If you’ve always dreamt about retiring in the Sunshine State, what images come to mind when you imagine your future in Florida? Perhaps you picture gorgeous sunsets on a beach with glittering waves. Maybe you think about palm trees swaying outside your window. Or perhaps you focus on the food: delicious orange juice, fresh seafood, and irresistible key lime pie. Chances are you don’t picture the animals that will greet ...
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How to Stay Cool in Florida

Group of senior friends laughing at the beach, arms around each other, kicking in unison
It’s easy to understand why so many people flock to Florida in their sunset years: an abundance of sunny days, mild winters, affordability, tax benefits, outdoor activities, plenty of resources for retirees, and much more. But summers in Florida are undeniably hot. Actually, spring and fall are often quite balmy as well! So if you’re planning to retire in the Sunshine State, it’s important that you learn how to stay cool in ...
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What Is Spring in Florida Like?

Ibis birds walking through water
The commercials and brochures feature gorgeous beaches, epic amusement parks, bustling cities, and amazing nature parks. With a thriving tourism economy that draws people from around the globe, it’s obvious that Florida is a place that people love to visit. But what is it like to live here? If you’re considering relocating, then you’ll want to know a bit about the climate. What is spring in Florida like?
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Tips for Metal Detecting on the Beach

wrist watch in sand at the beach beside seashell
Metal detecting on the beach is an ideal hobby for seaside seniors. Not only does it provide exercise, but also it gets you outdoors, it can help you make new friends, and it could lead to you discovering some very interesting treasures! If this is your first time hunting for treasure, scroll down to review some helpful tips for metal detecting on the beach.
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